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Fineline Applicators stock a range of patented non-clogging applicators. Can be used as an ink applicator, fineline glue applicator, paint applicator, craft glue applicator, ceramic glaze applicator, and sillk dye applicator, henna applicator, an many more! But Paint Applicator Online

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A simple video featuring a photo collage of our journey to Sunway Lagoon K.L. for 2018 edition of Retrohavoc!  ...

Are you that 1/2 child car enthusiast?

Are Classic and Retro Cars really that expensive? You would be right to say YES, and not wrong to say NO! There price ranges from lower priced collectibles like... Mini, Beetle, MGB, older Japanese coupes up to high valued collectibles ......

GT-Rally 2017 Highlights Leg 1

5 A.M. whilst everyone was tucked under their blanket dreaming, the small group of us was about to start making a dream to become reality. SGRetroCAR GT-Rally 2017 was a charity drive from Singapore to Phuket and back, where we brought toys, books ......

GT-Rally is back! Better than ever before!

What a way to restart the GT-Rally, now its longer, further, tougher and ultimately, more meaningful! Yes, not just fun but meaningful as GT-Rally 2017 is also a charity drive trip to the southern region of Thailand. Our emphasis is ......

Free Listing!

List your retro or classic cars here for sale FREE! Yes, as long the car is above 25 years old, you can post the car here for sale! Who says good things in life don't come free?...


Scheduled for 26th August 2017!10cars 10days 3000km!Exclusive Grand Tour open only to retro cars above 25 years old! visit our facebook page for more info! click me!...


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